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Set during the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua in 1984, it tells the story of the encounter Get Together a mysterious British businessman & an American reporter committed to following the developments of the rising. The 2, driven by a strong connection, will be the prime mover of a love story, remaining prey to a “dangerous labyrinth of lies & conspiracies”, trying to get away the country.

A Newly American Reporter stranded in 1948 Nicaragua falls in love with an Always On the Move Englishman who appears to be her only way out. However, they become capture in a hazardous web of lies & intrigues, forcing them to flee the country.

Star Cast

  • Margaret Qualley
  • Joe Alwyn
  • Benny Safdie
  • Nick Romano
  • Robin Durán
  • John C. Reilly
  • Danny Ramirez
  • Stephan Proaño
  • Héctor Moreno
  • Sebastian Donoso
  • Monica Bartholomew

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Stars At Noon Official Trailer

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Claire Denis learn Johnson’s novel a decade earlier & evaluate it as a love story in the middle of 2 people who develop a relationship solely due to the context of the rising. She added, It is also about the Horror & the terror of love, the Horror of defeat.

In April 2019, Denis tentatively declared the pictures development & performer of Robert Pattinson after a displaying at the Crisp Theatre of her 2018 movie High life, which also starred listen in. It was Declared in February 2020 that A24 had acquired North American distribution rights to Claire Denis’ next directive effort, with Robert Pattinson & Margaret Qualley.  Filming was scheduled to begin that summer. Pattinson would exit the movie pending to Plan conflicts by July, with Taron Egerton replacing him, and filming now set for an October 2021 start in Panama. This did not come to pass, & in November Egerton left the project Pending to personal reasons, being replaced by Joe Alwyn. In January 2022 Danny Ramirez was Declared as part of the Actor.  Additional casting involving Benny Safdie & John C. Reilly. was let out in April.

Filming took place in Panama, starting point by December 2021. Production cover later that same month. Denis wished to shoot the movie in Nicaragua but the re-election of President Daniel Ortega swayed her away from doing so, saying, “I knew I could not, it would have been evil.”

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