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ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Plan-The independent health insurance provider Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between two businesses. The Manipal Group of Companies, a leading health care services organization in India and a pioneer in higher education, and Cigna Corporation, a global organization that provides health care services to over 30 countries, formed the joint venture. Indemnity plans, fixed benefit plans, group insurance plans, and personal accident plans are all available from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited.

ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Plan

Through life’s ups and downs, the ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy provides financial support. Accidents can happen at any time, putting you and your family in a difficult position. Life is unpredictable. The ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care policy can step in to protect you and your loved ones in such a circumstance. With this plan, you can rest assured that tomorrow will be better.

Individual and floater ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care are available. It fills the void left by individual insurance plans like life, disability, health, and workers’ compensation that may not be sufficient to cover unexpected costs resulting from death or serious injury caused by an accident. Thus, this inclusion gives total assurance against death, handicap, loss of employment, and monetary insurance.

ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Plan Details

About Manipal Cigna

The following are noteworthy aspects of the business:

  • it is present in 15 major Indian cities; it was named Economic Times’ Best Promising Brand in 2015;
  • Manipal Cigna is the official health insurance partner of two major marathons:
  • the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) and the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM).

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Why you should choose Manipal Cigna Health Insurance?

Manipal Cigna offers a few special benefits to clients, making it one of the most favored health care coverage suppliers. Here are the benefits which you can find in the event that you become a client of Manipal Cigna –

  • The ProHealth scope of health care coverage plans presented by the organization have special inclusion benefits which put them aside from other health care coverage plans
  • Cigna’s gathering health care coverage strategy was the main intend to offer overall health care coverage inclusion to representatives of an abroad organization regularly for business purposes
  • ProActiv Living is a leader office presented by the organization which assists you with managing wellbeing related questions and carry on with a solid life
  • The organization is restricted with in excess of 4500 emergency clinics in India for offering credit only case settlements
  • Manipal Cigna has collaborated with wellbeing suppliers to give its sans clients admittance to medical care administrations
  • Wellbeing programs planned by the organization assists clients with procuring reward focuses in the event that they have a solid existence.

Types of plans offered by Manipal Cigna Health Insurance

Manipal Cigna, being a standalone health insurance company, offers health related insurance plans. The types of plans offered include the following –

  • Health insurance plans
  • Personal accident plans
  • Group health and travel plans

Eligibility criteria for ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

Minimum entry age 5 years for children and 18 years for adults
Maximum entry age 25 years for children and 80 years for adults
Sum assured options Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 crores
Policy term 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years
Premium payment mode Single, Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly
Relationships covered Self, spouse, dependent children, dependant

parents, dependant siblings, and parents-in-law

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Key highlights of ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

  • Unintentional Demise: ManipalCigna Way of life Assurance Mishap Care will pay 100 percent of the Total Safeguarded in the event of coincidental passing.
  • Extremely durable All out Disablement: 100 percent of the Aggregate Safeguarded is given in the event of long-lasting absolute handicap because of a mishap. In the event that the super durable handicap happens while going as a toll paying traveler on a typical transporter, 200% of the Total Safeguarded will be paid.
  • Extremely durable Halfway Disablement: According to the idea of the handicap, a proper level of the Summarize Safeguarded to 100 percent is paid.
  • Loss of Work: in the event of an extremely durable aggregate or halfway disablement because of a mishap, a fundamental month to month pay for a long time which depends on your last compensation slip or personal expense form as relevant is paid under the strategy.
  • Memorial service Costs: A one-time installment of Rs 5000 for Summarize Guaranteed to Rs 50 lacs, and Rs 10,000 for Aggregate Safeguarded over 50 lacs towards memorial service or incineration costs is payable under this strategy.
  • Training Asset: in the event of the safeguarded’s nonattendance or super durable handicap, a one-time installment is made equivalent to 10% of the Aggregate Protected per enduring ward kid for a limit of 2 youngsters subject to a greatest restriction of Rs 10 lakhs for each strategy.
  • Brief All out Disablement: A week by week benefit for 1% of Aggregate Guaranteed (following a mishap), dependent upon a limit of Rs 25,000 every week as long as 100 weeks, is advertised.
  • Unconsciousness Advantage: The strategy pays 25% of the Total Safeguarded as a singular amount if the protected moves into a sluggish state because of a mishap.

Inclusions in ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

  • ManipalCigna Way of life Security Mishap Care is accessible under 3 arrangement choices – Essential cover, Upgraded cover, and Extensive cover.
  • Crisis Rescue vehicle Cover: Costs caused for a crisis emergency vehicle are covered with a single amount measure of a limit of up to Rs 10,000.

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Coverage details of 3 plan options under ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

PLAN A-BASIC COVER A- ENHANCED COVER PLAN C- COMPREHENSIVE COVER Optional Covers to supplement coverage under Plan A, B, or C.
Death Accidental Accidental Death Accidental Death Temporary Total Disablement
Emergency Ambulance Cover Permanent Total Disablement Permanent Total Disablement Burns Benefit
Funeral Expenses Education Fund Permanent Partial Disablement Broken Bones Benefit
Emergency Ambulance Cover Education Fund Coma Benefit
Funeral Expenses Emergency Ambulance Cover
Orphan Benefit
Loss of Employment
Funeral Expenses

Exclusions in ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Accident Care Policy

Expenses are not covered related to any illnesses or injuries caused due to

  • Any pre-existing condition or disability arising out of pre-existing diseases
  • Suicide, intentional self-injury, acts of self-destruction
  • Breach of law
  • Hazardous activities

How to apply for Manipal Cigna’s Insurance plans?

You can apply for Manipal Cigna’s protection plans through web-based stage. The means of applying incorporate the accompanying –

  • Sign onto site at Official
  • Share the insights concerning your profile
  • Look at and pick the medical coverage strategy of Manipal Cigna
  • Actually take a look at the subtleties of the strategy and pick the strategy which you want
  • Click on ‘Purchase Now’ tab to purchase the strategy
  • Fill in the subtleties of inclusion, clinical history and your KYC data in the web-based medical coverage application structure
  • You would then need to pay the premium of the arrangement on the web.
  • When the premium is paid, the arrangement would be given. The delicate duplicate of the strategy messaged to you and the actual
  • arrangement report would arrive at your enlisted address inside a couple of days.

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How to make a health insurance claim for Manipal Cigna health insurance plans?

  • Manipal Cigna has an in-house guarantee settlement division which helps in getting your hospitalization claims settled at the earliest. You can contact the insurance agency any time through the organization’s 24*7 case helpline number and raise your health care coverage claims.
  • There can be two kinds of health care coverage claims which are as per the following –
  • Credit only cases which happen in the event that you are hospitalized at an emergency clinic which is restricted with the insurance agency
  • Repayment claims which happen on the off chance that the medicines are taken at an emergency clinic which isn’t restricted with the insurance agency
  • On the other hand, you can make your health care coverage guarantee from Manipal Cigna itself. The interaction for each sort of guarantee is as per the following –

 Process for Manipal Cigna cashless health insurance claim?

  • On the off chance that you are getting hospitalized in an organized medical clinic, it would be a credit only case. You ought to illuminate the insurance agency quickly of your case
  • Top off a pre-approval structure expressing the case subtleties and present the structure to the insurance agency.
  • In the event that it is an arranged hospitalization, the structure ought to be filled in and submitted something like 3 to 5 days prior to being hospitalized. On the off chance that, then again assuming the hospitalization is because of a crisis, top off the structure and submit it in no less than 24 hours of hospitalization
  • The insurance agency would confirm the pre-approval structure and endorse the case
  • When the case is supported you can profit credit only medicines. The doctor’s visit expenses would be settled by the insurance agency straightforwardly with the medical clinic
  • A Manipal Cigna Health care coverage guarantee structure ought to be filled and submitted with the insurance agency alongside every one of the clinical reports to finish the case interaction.

What is the process for Manipal Cigna reimbursement health insurance claim?

  • On the off chance that you are being hospitalized in a non-organized clinic, your case would be chosen a repayment premise.
  • You ought to educate Manipal Cigna regarding the case and afterward profit medicines.
  • Pay for the clinical costs brought about on your medicines.
  • In the wake of being released from the clinic, gather the Release Rundown
  • Top off the case type of Manipal Cigna Health care coverage and submit it alongside every one of the first doctor’s visit expenses and reports.
  • The Release Rundown ought to likewise be submitted to the insurance agency.
  • Manipal Cigna would evaluate the records submitted, confirm the genuineness of the case and afterward repay the costs caused on hospitalization.

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What are the documents required for processing Manipal Cigna health insurance claim?

At the point when you are making a case under your medical coverage strategy, the accompanying reports would need to be submitted to the insurance agency for an effective settlement of the case sum –

  • Guarantee type of Manipal Cigna which ought to be filled and marked
  • Clinical reports concerning the medicines for which you have raised the case
  • Every one of the doctor’s visit expenses in unique
  • Release Synopsis from the emergency clinic
  • Whatever other clinical or individual reports which Manipal Cigna requests that you submit

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