Korean Government Scholarship 2023-2024 (KGSP) Study in South Korea Online Applications Open


Korean Government Scholarship 2023- Online applications from students are now being accepted for the full-fledged Scholarships Program (KGSP) sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education (MOE) for the class of 2023–2024. There are a lot of things that the Republic of Korea is known for, like the K-pop music industry, which has taken over the world in the last few years, or the K-dramas, which have a lot of people watching them all over the world.

Korean Government Scholarship 2023

All their grant programs offer extraordinary advantages that assistance with staying aware of the living style and costs in Korea. You also get a lot of exposure and learn more about Korean culture.

As a result, if you are an international student looking for opportunities to study in Korea or elsewhere, The Korean Government now offers you the chance to apply and study in Korea. Applications for the Korean Scholarship or KGSP Scholarships 2023 can now be submitted online. Therefore, you are welcome to submit a KGSP application.

Korean Government Scholarship Overview

The KGSP 2023

The Korean Government Scholarship Program is abbreviated as KGSP. Scholarships to the best private and public universities in Korea are available through this fully funded program. The KGSP has three levels: undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral.

The Main Objective Of KGSP

The primary goal of KGSP is to establish friendly international relationships between Korea and the other nations on the globe. The scholarship program will not only help build friendships between people. But it will also help bring talented people from other countries to Korea.

Additionally, deserving international students receive a high-quality education. This not only helps them grow and thrive, but it also makes them leaders.

Benefits/Value of the Korean Government Scholarship 2023

  • The KGSP scholarship will cover the airfare of the grantees.
  • It will provide the grantees with a relocation or resettlement allowance of 200,000 KRW.
  • KRW 20,000 per month will be given for covering living expenses.
  • KRW 20,000 monthly will go toward medical insurance.
  • KRW 800,000 every three months will be given for paying for the language course that every recipient has to take.
  • Tuition fee coverage (of maximum KRW 5,000,000 per semester)
  • An award for showing proficiency in the Korean language.
  • A grant for supporting the research expenses of up to KRW 240,000 (per semester)
  • A grant for printing the dissertation/thesis of 500,000 KRW – 800,000 KRW.
  • KRW 100,000 upon completion of the degree program.

Note: the grant for research and printing the thesis will only be given to those students to whom this expense is relevant, like students enrolled in a research-based program.

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KGSP Scholarships Finances

The following advantages are available to you if you are granted the KGSP

  • All airfare costs will be covered by the KGSP.
  • You will receive a 200,000 KRW allowance for lodging.
  • Every month, you get a 20,000 KRW monthly allowance to live on.
  • Monthly medical insurance of 20,000 dollars is provided to cover your costs.
  • The quarter-long Korean language course costs 800,000 KRW.
  • A maximum of 5,000,000 KRW in semester tuition is cover.
  • For outstanding proficiency in Korean, an award is present.
  • Research projects are upheld by giving a remittance of 210,000 – 240,000 KRW per semester.
  • The printing costs for a proposal or paper range from 500,000 – 800,000 KRW.
  • The student receives a cash reward of 100,000 KRW upon graduation.

Eligibility Criteria of Korean Government Scholarship

It is for best you guarantee that you check and satisfy all of the qualification rules when applying for the Korean government grant program 2023:

  • Students who hold Korean citizenship are not eligible to apply.
  • In addition, students whose parents either hold Korean citizenship or both cannot apply.
  • All applicants need to be in good physical and mental health to stay in Korea for a long time until they finish their degree.
  • Each applicant must have received excellent grades in their previous educational institution.
  • Students must have a CGPA of at least 80 percent or higher.
  • Students who have already completed their education in Korea are not eligible to apply. Those who have received the
  • KGSP in the past may reapply for the scholarship program, but they must do so through the university of their choice.
  • Undergraduate applicants must not be older than 25 years old.
  • Graduate candidates should be under forty years old.
  • Candidates must possess a high school diploma and be high school graduates.
  • Before arriving in Korea, candidates for the graduate program must have completed their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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Step to apply Application Procedure for KGSP 2023

Before you apply for the KGSP 2023 grant program, read through the subtleties of the application methodology for the KGSP grant program:

  • The applicants may apply through a university or the Korean embassy in their country.
  • Aspirants who apply have to submit their documents to the Korean embassy in their home country or directly to the university to they are applying to.
  • If you intend to apply due the university of your choice, then you must follow the guidelines specified by the university on their web portal to submit your application form.
  • The Korean Embassy or Korean university will send those documents to the NIIED only to those applicants who are potentially selected.
  • NIIED will evaluate all the documents and will notify the Korean university or the Korean Embassy regard the potentially selected aspirants.
  • If you have been choose for the scholarship, then you will be inform through the university site or the Korean embassy.
  • The Korean Government Scholarship committee does not inform you if you are reject or select.
  • If you have any queries regard the selection, then you may contact the Korean university or the Korean embassy directly.

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Documents Requirements for the KGSP 

Your application for the KGSP will not be accept until you have submitted all the require documents. The inability to give all the needocuments will not only cause delays but can also cancel your application process.

Below is a list of all the documents require for the Korean Government Scholarship 2023:

  • A scanned copy of the highest degree attained
  • Copies of highest transcripts
  • Recommendation letters from employees or professors
  • Personal statement (mandatory for master’s and Ph. D applicants)
  • Study plan (mandatory for master’s students)
  • Research proposal (only for the Ph.D. program students)
  • Motivation letter or an intent letter (mandatory for undergraduate program students)
  • A resume for scholarship application

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