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Jio 5G Plans, Jio 5G Price List By the end of 2023, the Reliance Telecom Corporation expects to deploy a 5G network across India. The Jio 5G Service is now available in four cities, namely Mumbai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi are the main cities. Delhi, Varanasi, Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, and Siliguri are the eight cities where the Jio 5G is currently available.

If you want to enjoy the fastest internet speed ever offered in India, you’ll need a 5G-compatible phone. Several premium smartphones under Rs.10,000 are now available from well-known Indian manufacturers Realme and Lava. It might take some time for the Jio 5G Plan to cover the whole country, but everyone will enjoy fast internet speed in the near future.

Jio 5G Plans, Jio 5G Price List

In India, the 5G spectrum auctions have come to a close. With a final bid of ₹1.5 lakh crore, the auction came to a close. India’s main telecom companies, Jio, Airtel, Vi (Vodafone-Idea), and a new entrant called Adani Data Network, were the big bidders in the auction. With a total bid of ₹88,000 crores, Jio takes the lead. With a total of ₹43,000 crores, Airtel is next, followed by Vi with 18,899 crores. Adani Data Network is the last company on the list. Can we expect a superior 5G from Jio since it spent the most money in the bidding, almost double that of Airtel 5G? And when will Jio’s 5G service be available in India? In this article, we’ll try to answer all of your questions.

According to Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan, Jio has begun 5G services in Kerala, beginning with Kochi and the Guruvayur temple. The business expects to offer 5G services in Trivandrum by the end of December 2022. In January 2023, the rollout will expand to Thrissur, Kozhikode, and Malappuram. Jio customers in Kochi and Guruvayur will be able to subscribe to the Welcome Offer soon.

Jio 5G Plans, Jio 5G Price List Details

When will Jio Launch 5G in India?

On August 29, 2022, Reliance Jio launched their 5G network. Invitation-only service in four cities will begin on October 5, 2022, with the Jio 5G network. On August 29, 2022, Reliance Industries (RIL) held its 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM). Reliance Jio introduced its 5G services, dubbed Jio True 5G, during the Annual General Meeting.

During the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022, PM Narendra Modi launched 5G services in India on October 1. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd, was also in attendance. By December 2023, he claims that Jio will provide nationwide 5G coverage at a low cost. Invitation is currently underway in five cities (Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Varanasi, and Mumbai) to bring 5G services.

Jio will begin 5G services in a number of cities using a separate (SA) architecture. The rollout will begin on October 5, 2022. The telecommunications business pledges to cover 5G to every hamlet in India by December 2023. The first phase will focus on metro cities where Jio will conduct pilot testing of 5G. Jio will begin rolling out 5G to additional places in India in roughly two to three months. By the end of this year, Jio 5G will be available in India’s tier-2 and tier-3 areas. My Jio app could include a function to check 5G network coverage once Jio 5G becomes available. This will allow consumers to see if their neighborhood is covered by the 5G network.

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What is Jio 5G Welcome Offer?

Users can enjoy unlimited 5G data with up to 1Gbps+ speeds with the Jio True 5G Welcome Offer, which has been announced by Jio. Unfortunately, only a limited number of persons in a limited number of locations are eligible for the Welcome Offer (via Invitation). Beta trial users who have been invited to sample Jio True 5G will be eligible for the complimentary benefit. You can enable the 5G network on your phone following this procedure.

Who will be invited to experience Jio 5G?

To receive the 5G invite from Jio, your SIM must have been purchased in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. If you are an eligible customer, the operator will show a banner on the MyJio app mentioning a “Jio 5G Welcome offer.” It looks like Jio will select users randomly for the beta trial. It should be noted your device must be 5G enabled or make sure your device has received a 5G software update from the manufacturer.

What are the 5G bands bought by Jio?

Of all the telecom companies bidding for 5G spectrum in India, Jio was the highest bidder. On the bidding, Jio spent a total of ₹88,078 crore. The breadth of Jio’s spectrum is also pan-India. Jio has purchased 5G radio frequencies in all major bands.

Low-band frequencies like 700 MHz (n28) and 800 MHz (n5), as well as medium-band frequencies like 1800 MHz (n3) and 3300 MHz (n78), will be supported by Jio. Jio has stated that it will provide 5G coverage throughout the country. To do this, Jio will utilize the 700 MHz sub-GHz frequency band. In India, Jio intends to blanket all 22 circles with the premium mmWave 26 GHz spectrum. Check out Ways to Check 5G Bands of a Phone if you want to know which 5G bands are available on your new 5G phone.

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What are the Cities where Jio 5G will be launched first?

By Diwali 2022, Jio aims to launch 5G service in India. The first cities to be included in this rollout will be metropolitan. Hundreds of tier-2 and tier-3 cities will be added to Jio’s network in the future. Jio’s 5G services will initially be launched in four cities, according to the most recent information. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai are the top cities.

The 5G in the second phase might affect other metropolitan areas, including Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurugram and Lucknow. It’s worth noting that Jio might launch a 5G network in some of these cities. As a result, 5G services may not be available to all residents in these cities.

Do you need a new SIM Card to use Jio 5G?

To use the 5G network, you’ll most likely need a new Jio 5G SIM. Jio has erected a 5G infrastructure that is entirely separate from the rest of the industry. You won’t be able to continue using your 4G SIM card to take advantage of 5G services because “Standalone 5G” doesn’t rely on the existing 4G network. In comparison to the competitor’s NSA 5G network, Jio’s Standalone 5G network will offer cheaper, faster, and more robust services. Therefore, you’ll most likely have to visit a nearby customer service center or retail shop in order to replace your existing 4G SIM with a 5G-enabled SIM. Moreover, in order to upgrade their SIMs for 5G support, customers may be able to send an SMS from their current active 4G SIMs. A specific portal for 4G to 5G SIM upgrade may be developed by the telecommunications company.

We will inform you if Jio makes any more statement. So, for any more information on the same, make sure to keep an eye out in this area. To obtain user experience feedback, Jio has launched a beta trial of True 5G. Beta trial users will not need to replace their current Jio SIM, according to the operator. When Jio’s 5G network is available in your region, a Jio

executive told ET Telecom that a 5G smartphone or tablet will display 5G connectivity. You may use your existing Jio 4G SIM card via an opt-in feature to take advantage of 5G services. Thus, users may simply replace their current 4G SIM with a 5G SIM. Jio’s plan appears to be to start off with deploying the 5G network using their current LTE technology (NSA mode), and then transition to SA architecture.

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Jio 5G Latest News

Jio announced 5G services in Kerala on December 20, with the launch beginning in Kochi city and Guruvayur temple. The services were introduced by Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan digitally from Trivandrum. By the end of December 2022, the company expects to launch 5G services in Trivandrum. Thrissur, Kozhikode, and Malappuram will be added to the rollout by January 2023. Therefore, soon after, Jio users in Kochi and Guruvayur will be notified of the Welcome Offer.

Jio 5G Plans

The Jio 5G Plans will be priced in such a way that ordinary Indians will be able to touch the fastest internetwork in the country. All new towers were put in place by the Reliance Telecom Company, starting with metropolitan areas, then tiny cities and towns, and finally rural villages. Starting at Rs 239/-, the Jio 5G Postpaid and Prepaid Plans will provide internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps. India’s 5G bands n28,n5,n3,n78, and n258 are working at different speeds and frequencies.

The Jio 5G Plans speed is measured at 42.02 Mbps, 485.22 Mbps, and 513.76 Mbps in line with the tests. We have provided all the information on the Jio 5G Network In India’s impending launch, including a list of compatible devices, cost, speed, availability, and other information in a simple and understandable manner in this article.

Jio 5G Price List

On the official website of, the Jio 5G Price List will be available soon. The costs are intended to be affordable, allowing everyone in society to take advantage of the benefits provided by this network. Depending on your internet usage, the Jio 5G Price List might range from Rs.249 to Rs.2500.

The services will be available for the same price as the 4G rates, and new plans will be made available on the teleservice provider’s official website in the near future. The proposals will be made in a tier-by-tier approach, starting with No. 1. A place is responsible for users and their data. To take advantage of this previously unseen fast internet speed, all users must update their phones. This will make your life easier in so many ways.

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Jio 5G Speed

Type of Utilities Jio 5G Speed
Speed While Uploading 650.76 Mbps
Speed While Downloading 800.67 Mbps
Surfing Speed 700 Mbps
Jio 5G Speed 1 Gbps
Overall Speed 950 Mbps

Jio 5G Area Wise Availability

Three different levels of Area Wise Availability will be conducted by Jio. Jio is building new towers across the country, unlike Airtel, in order to provide high-speed internet access to India’s hinterlands. The Jio 5G network will be available to you any time soon if you reside in a metropolitan area. However, if you reside in a tiny community or town, you’ll have to wait till the end of 2021 to see the results.

Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Jamnagar and Kolkata will be the first cities to get Jio 5G Area Wise. On the official website,, the CEO of Jio 5G has revealed a Area Wise availability plan.

Jio 5G Device List

Three different levels of Area Wise Availability will be conducted by Jio. Jio is building new towers across the country, unlike Airtel, in order to provide high-speed internet access to India’s hinterlands. The Jio 5G network will be available to you any time soon if you reside in a metropolitan area. However, if you reside in a tiny community or town, you’ll have to wait till the end of 2021 to see the results.

Below is a table format of the Jio 5 G Network Supported List. You may check if your gadget will work with the 5 G Network or not by looking at whether it supports the network modifications. In order to access Jio 5G Fast Speed Internet, you’ll need a new phone.

Name of Mobile Companies Jio 5G Device List
Realme 8s, A33, Narzo 30 Pro, X7, 8,X50, GT, GT ME, GT Neo, 9, 9 Pro, 9 Pro Plus, Narzo 50, Narzo 50 Pro
Samsung A53, A33, S22 Ultra, S21 FE, M33, S22,S22+, Fold 4, Note 20,S21, S21 Plus,
Xiaomi Mi 10T, 10i, 10, 10T, 11X Pro, 11X, POCO M3, POCO F3, Mi 11, K16A
Apple 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13, 13 Pro Max, SE, 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max
One Plus Nord, 9, 9 Pro, Nord CE, Nord CE 2, 10 Pro, Nord CE Lite 2, 10R, Nord 2T, 10T, 8, 8T, 8 Pro, 9RT, Nord 2
Oppo Reno Pro, Reno 6, F19 Pro Plus, A53s, A74, 7 Pro, F21, Reno 7, 8 Pro, K10, F21s
Vivo X50, V20, X60 Pro+, X60,V21, V21e, X70 Pro, Y72, V23 Pro, T1, V25, Y55

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Process To Get Jio 5G SIM

All you have to do is just follow the steps given below in the exact same order to get your Jio 5G SIM card in a hassle-free way.

  • Firstly, check whether your phone is compatible with the 5G Network, if yes then you can continue with the next steps.
  • Secondly, you have to visit the official Jio Store in your nearby place.
  • Thirdly, ask the SIM service Provider for a 5G Network Supporting SIM Card.
  • Then you have to submit your ID Proof and along with that, you have to fill in the forms.
  • Lastly, you will have your SIM Card free of cost in the easy way possible.

What Download/Upload Speeds will we get with Jio 5G?

Jio displayed its 5G speed test on the C-band at the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022 conference in Delhi. Every instance achieved a speed of 1.4 Gbps to 1.7 Gbps. Users are posting speed test results on Twitter as 5G is being introduced in a select number of cities. Jio has a download speed of 1085Mbps and an upload speed of 138Mbps, which we can see from the graph.

Network Download Speed Upload Speed
Jio 5G 1085Mbps 138Mbps
Jio 4G 47Mbps 26Mbps

We don’t have any data on mmWave or mid-band (sub-6GHz) 5G bands. Jio, on the other hand, is expected to provide superior speed than sub-GHz frequencies by providing higher frequency bands.

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