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How To Qualify For NDA Exam – Do you want to know how to qualify for the NDA exam? If so, read on! In this post, we’ll outline the steps you need to take in order to be eligible and discuss the benefits of taking the exam. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to prepare for the test. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to qualify for the NDA exam, read on!

The National Defence Academy (NDA) exam is a series of tests designed to assess your readiness to join the Indian Armed Forces’ defense training ecosystem. Candidates can join the Indian Army, Indian Navy, or Indian Air Force if they pass the NDA exam. Understanding the process of how to qualify for the NDA exam can help you prepare better and achieve the required score for clearing the exam. How to qualify for the NDA exam, how to apply for these exams, and some frequently asked questions about this topic are all covered in this article.

How To Qualify For NDA Exam?

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is an institution that trains military officers in India. To be eligible for admission to the Academy, you need to pass the All India Defense Academy (AIDA) Entrance Examination. This exam is a two-day event that is held annually in August. If you’re looking to qualify for the NDA, here are some tips that will help you achieve success.

Along with the official announcement, the NDA Eligibility Criteria for 2022 will be made public. Except for the age limit, the eligibility criteria have not changed significantly over time. Here, candidates can check the NDA’s eligibility, which includes a number of factors like nationality, marital status, physical and medical requirements, and the NDA’s age limit. It is set by the Union Public Service Commission for applicants to the upcoming exam. Before filling out the application, every candidate must meet the age limit and any other eligibility requirements. Without that, it’s possible that their application will be rejected at any stage of the hiring Process.

Qualify For NDA Exam Overview

What is the NDA?

Cadets from all three branches of the armed forces receive joint training at India’s National Defence Academy (NDA).These cadets train at the NDA to build on their theoretical and practical understanding of the armed forces prior to joining the defense services in their respective academies. Officers instruct the cadets about physical presentation, fitness specifics, terrain study, target recognition, and numerous other additional aspects of warfare at the first tri-service armed forces institute in the world. Khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra, is home to the Indian Armed Forces’ NDA.
During pre-commission training at their future academy, senior officers prepare cadets to maintain their energy and compete. These cadets receive training to adapt to the armed forces’ values and principles under the motto “Service before self.”

How to qualify for the NDA exam Eligibility criteria

Age, physical characteristics, nationality, and educational qualifications are all required to join the NDA accounts. All single applicants are eligible to apply, as long as they have passed the senior secondary (10+2) or other equivalent exam. Potential NDA candidates must meet the following requirements:


The candidate can apply for the NDA if they are citizens of India, Nepal, or Bhutan. The same applies to Tibetan refugees who arrived in India prior to January 1, 1962.Candidates who are originally from India but have immigrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African nations like Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, or Vietnam are also eligible. A certificate of eligibility issued by the Indian government must be presented by non-Indian candidates.

Age limit

The age limit for NDA applicants is the same for NDA 1 and NDA 2, but the exact cutoff date may differ for each. The age requirement for NDA 1 and NDA 2 applicants is 16.5 to 19.5 years old. Refer to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announcement outlining the eligibility requirements for the most recent cutoff dates.

Education qualification

The candidate’s level of education varies depending on the military branch in which they specialize. Having a senior secondary (10+2) certificate or passing an equivalent examination from a recognized board is acceptable if it is the army wing of the NDA.The candidate, on the other hand, must possess a senior secondary (10+2) certificate from a recognized board in order to apply for the INA’s 10+2 cadet entry scheme or the air force or naval wings. The only difference is that the former requires candidates to be proficient in physics and mathematics. Additionally, applicants may be 12th-grade students.

Marital status

Married candidates cannot qualify for the NDA exam. Candidates may not marry until they complete the training phase, even if they qualify for the exam. The candidate will probably be let go right away if they decide to get married while they are in training. These candidates also have to pay back any money the government spent on their education and training.

Physical standards

Aspirants have to clear the following strict physical and medical qualifications:

  • For the army and air force, height: The minimum height for the army is 157 cm, while the minimum height for the air force is 162.5 cm. However, candidates from Lakshadweep and North-Eastern have cutoff heights that are 5 and 2 centimeters lower than the standard height requirements.

  • For the navy, height and weight are: The Navy has the same height requirements as the previous values. While, for their weight, 16, 18-and 20-year-old competitors should weigh between 44-63, 45-65 and 46-67 kgs, individually.

  • Visual guidelines: Nearsightedness and hypermetropia evaluations can’t be more than 2.5 D and 3.5 D, separately. In addition, applicants’ corrected vision should not exceed 6/6 in the correct eye and 6/9 in the faulty eye.

  • Conditions of the body not allowed: The candidate is ineligible if they are overweight, underweight, or have a small chest. Also, they won’t be able to take the NDA entrance exam if they have been diagnosed with piles, tonsillitis, hydrocele, varicocele, gynecomastia, or a deviated nasal septum.

  • No piercings: It is unacceptable to have any permanent tattoo, regardless of its color or size. Based on the customs that are observed, the NDA may accept the candidate as an exception if they come from a region where having a tattoo is required.

  • Spinal issues: Candidates who suffer from spondylolysis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, granulomatous disease, vertebral fracture, or atlantoaxial anomalies are ineligible to apply. Before applying for the NDA exam, you may need to consult a specialist if you have any spinal abnormalities above that.

  • Additional health issues: A candidate may not be eligible to take the NDA exam if they exhibit any of the symptoms of a defect in their body, such as speech difficulties, fits, heart disease, skin anomalies, or abdominal issues. In addition, in order to be eligible for the NDA exam, one must have normal blood pressure, excellent hearing, and good health with either the liver or the spleen.

The physical requirements for the exam may be subject to exceptions. For instance, if the medical board certifies that the candidate will attain the required height by the end of the training, they may be granted a relaxation of up to 2.5 cm. Likewise, there are explicit estimation prerequisites for the naval force that incorporate a sitting level of at least 81.50 cm, at least 99 cm of leg length and thigh length of a limit of 64 cm.

How To Apply For The NDA Exam?

If you are interested in becoming a protected whistleblower, or want to know what the NDA process is, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will explore the different steps that you need to take in order to apply for the NDA exam. We will also discuss the benefits of taking this course, and how it can help you achieve your goals. So if you’re interested in becoming a protected whistleblower, then read on.

Applying for the NDA requires candidates to fill in a 2 part application form. Follow these steps for applying in the right way:

Part 1

Here are the four steps involve in part first of the application form:

  • Entering the required information to register for the exam,

  • Selecting branches of preference, double-checking,

  • And verifying all information,

  • And saving your generated registration ID

Part 2

Here are the four steps involve in part second of the application form:

  • Completing the application with your signature and photograph,

  • Accepting the declaration,

  • And submitting the form after paying the application fee and selecting the exam location

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