How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone?


How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone – There’s never enough space on your phone, is there? Well, fortunately there are a few simple ways to free up space on your Android phone. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to free up internal storage on your Android phone by removing unnecessary apps, files, and photos. By following these tips, you’ll be able to free up a significant amount of space on your phone in no time! So let’s get started!

It all starts off very well. Get a shiny new phone with the latest version of Android. everything is great. But after a while the ‘app crashes! My battery life is terrible! You should clean your Android phone regularly. If you use mobile apps every day, the software will start to slow down, your storage space will start to fill up, and background processes will make it difficult to switch between apps.

How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone?

Android is a versatile operating system that allows for a variety of customization and personalization options. As a result, it can be difficult to free up internal storage on your phone. However, by following these tips, you’ll be able to free up more space on your device and make it easier to manage. Some popular methods include deleting unnecessary files, uninstalling apps, and changing settings in Android Settings. By using these tips, you’ll be able to free up more space on your phone and make it easier to manage your phone’s storage.

Android phone storage can quickly fill up, making it difficult to store files and photos. To free up space, you can use a variety of methods. Some popular options include using apps to store files elsewhere, deleting unnecessary photos and videos, and clearing out unused app data. It’s important to keep an eye on how much space is being used, as space will gradually fill up over time unless action is taken soon. So, don’t wait – start freeing up space on your Android phone today.

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How to free up storage space on an Android phone

This aging process is more annoying on older Android phones like the Galaxy S6 due to their generally limited features compared to current models, but it eventually happens on newer models as well. It often happens when you are in an emergency situation. This guide will show you how to clean up your phone, features to disable, settings to adjust, and how to optimize your mobile apps to run more efficiently. How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone.

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Tip 1 Clear the cache for individual apps

The biggest impact on Android performance is cleaning up mobile apps. In just 5 minutes of usage, these popular apps have accumulated hundreds of useless items:

  1. Facebook: 79MB temporary cache files, 561 items
  2. Instagram: 38MB temporary cache files, 151 items
  3. Candy Crush Saga: 20 MB temporary cache files, 40 items

These temporary files are needed while the app is running. However, applications often forget to clean up temporary files when they are no longer needed. Data only occupies unnecessary space.

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To clean up Android apps on an individual basis and free up memory:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Go to App (or Apps & Notifications) settings.
  3. Make sure all apps are selected.
  4. Tap the app you want to clean up.
  5. Select Clear Cache and Clear Data to remove temporary data.

In this example, we saved only about 1 MB, but other apps might have dozens or hundreds of megabytes of trash files that accumulate over time. Go through the list of apps and clear out the cache files for each one. Admittedly, that can be tedious if you have a lot of Android apps. To save yourself time, automate this process by having Avast Cleanup for Android do it for you on a regular basis. Additionally, you should decide what apps you really need and safely install them on your phone to limit their impact on its internal storage. How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone.

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Tip 2 Remove Android apps you no longer need

The more apps you install on your Android phone, the slower and cluttered it gets. You might not realize it with one app, but installing and using dozens of them will show you how much bloat has accumulated on even the latest phones. Our Android app report shows the most loaded apps on mobile phones. So go through the list of apps to identify and remove the apps you no longer need. Last but not least, this makes it easy to find important applications. How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Phone.

How to uninstall unneeded apps?

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android phone and go to the “Apps” item. Go through your list of apps to see which ones you haven’t used in a while.
  2. Tap the app you no longer need and select Uninstall.
  3. Tap OK to confirm. finished! This is the pragmatic approach.

Android apps can be hidden or disabled to make life easier. Alternatively, you can use software that automatically identifies apps you haven’t used in years and uninstalls them encases. Of course, we recommend the free Avast Cleanup for Android. After opening the Avast Cleanup app for Android, tap the Apps button and wait for the analysis to complete. Scroll down until you see the Infrequently Used Apps category. Please tap “See all” to see. Go through the list of apps, select the apps you no longer need and use the blue button below to remove them all.

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Tip 3 Sort and clear your Downloads folder

You can store many files, photos, and documents in your Android device’s Downloads folder. It may be downloaded automatically. Most of us rarely look at our Downloads folder. This means that the Downloads folder unnecessarily takes up a lot of disk space. You might be surprised at how many items and gigabytes of internal storage can be completely wasted.

How to clear out your Downloads folder?

  1. Open the apps folder on your smartphone. From here, search for “My Files” or any other file explorer app.
  2. Tap Download.
  3. Press and hold the downloaded file. B. Photos or APK files you no longer need.
  4. Use the Delete button to remove from the phone.

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Tip 4 Use a dedicated memory-cleaning app

As mentioned, you can perform this cleaning ritual manually or let your housekeeping app do it for you. Enter

Avast Cleanup for Android. This free tool combs your phone from top to bottom. Clear cache files, useless folders and unused apps from your phone’s internal data storage. It also removes the app hog from your phone’s memory (RAM).

Here’s how it works

  1. Download Avast Cleaner for Android and launch the app.
  2. First, click the View Results button. This gives you quick tips on how to erase data from your Android phone.
  3. This includes thumbnails, empty folders, cache files, and other hidden caches.

Click Finish Cleaning to complete basic cleaning tasks. But this is just the beginning. From there, you can (and should) dig deeper. Go back to the main screen and go to Photos app to find similar photos, useless screenshots and bad photos. After all the cleaning steps are done, find a virus removal app and make sure your phone is free of malware.

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Tip 5 Delete unused downloaded data such as podcasts and videos.

You’ve freed up space on your phone by deleting app caches, irrelevant Android apps, and boring photos. On my own phone, this exercise wasted 2 GB of storage. But there is still work to be done. The big difference is deleting (or at least verifying) files you downloaded to your device and forgot about. Below is an example of my phone:

  • Spotify: As a Spotify Premium user, I use the offline option a lot. However, if you download the “songs” list, you will have 17 GB of music on your phone. We minimized the footprint by lowering the sound quality of songs and selectively choosing playlists.
  • Podcasts: I subscribe to about 15 podcasts, but I don’t listen to all of them when new episodes come out. As a result, hours of podcasts are stuck on my phone, eating up hundreds of MB of storage. So I regularly go through my list of podcasts and delete the ones I don’t want to hear. Also, each podcast has a setting to automatically delete what you’ve been listening to. Make sure the setting is enabled.
  • YouTube Premium: I subscribed to YouTube Premium to download videos for offline and background use. So I regularly go to my YouTube app library, check my downloads, and delete videos I’ve already watched.
  • Offline Maps: When traveling, download huge maps to your phone and then forget about them. This is why he discovered that the Google Maps app had grown to his 2GB. You can and should clean up old maps.

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Last resort Perform a factory reset on an Android device

All of the above advice will help you get your Android device running smoothly again. In most cases, cleaning up your Android system will free up available storage space, improve performance, and generally make your phone or tablet feel good again. But sometimes that’s not enough. In these difficult cases, you should wipe your phone (after backing up all your important data, of course!). How to factory reset a phone:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General Management, then tap Reset.
  3. Select the factory reset option.
  4. On the final screen, tap Reset device and Erase everything to confirm.

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Why does your Android phone’s internal storage fill up?

Your phone is like your bedroom closet. Garbage piles up. If you don’t clean out your closet often, it will take longer to find what you need. And just like the leisure suits cluttering up your closet (really, what were you thinking?!), I recommend deleting her Android apps when you no longer need them. Browsing the web and using mobile apps often create temporary data and junk files that remain on your device. System memory will eventually fill up. When your phone runs out of storage space, this junk buildup can slow things down and cause other nasty issues like.

 Therefore, it is important to clean up your smartphone to free up storage space. This article will show you various ways to clean up your Android device. Some of these steps are very useful. Others include automated utilities like Avast Cleanup for Android that detects apps you haven’t used in a while and removes unnecessary temporary files.


Android users have long been aware of the fact that the phone storage space is limited. This can be a major inconvenience for users who frequently download large files or photos. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog, you can free up internal storage on your phone and free up valuable space for other applications. Make sure to check out the blog for more information on how to free up storage on your android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my internal Storage full Android?

However, the overwhelming amount of data stored on your phone’s internal memory might occasionally cause Android storage space to run out. Cache memory on your phone may be restricted if you have numerous apps installed and utilize them all at the same time. This causes Android to run out of storage

How do I clean out my internal Storage?

Tap Apps or Applications in Android’s Settings menu. How much space your apps are taking up will be visible. Tap Storage from any app to access the settings. For any apps that are using a lot of space, clear storage and clear cache

How Can I delete system applications on my Android phone?

Certain system apps that came pre-installed on your Android phone cannot be deleted. However, you can disable them so that they do not appear on your phone’s app list on certain phones. Contact your gadget maker for instructions on how to disable applications.

What Is it safe to uninstall system apps on Android?

Uninstalling system apps may cause the system to malfunction, therefore only uninstall the ones you are certain of. As a cautionary tale, it is important to note that uninstalling system apps can do this. While apps like Gmail, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and so on are safe to delete, do notdelete any of the files linked with the Google Play Store.

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