10+ Best Short Video Apps In India You Must Try In 2022


Short Video Apps –  Along with social media sites like Instagram and Snap Chat, short video clips are becoming more and more common. The demand for short video apps on smartphones has increased as smartphone video capability and online access to video media have both advanced. A recent research from Techno Media on popular social video apps was released. These are the best-performing video apps in the Google Play Store have been examined (as of August 2019). Learn more about and compare the features offered by these well-known short video apps for Android in the following paragraphs. These days, short video apps are quite common.

Best Short Video Apps

The short video creation software will make it simple for you to do whatever you want, whether you want to make short films for your WhatsApp status or want to amuse people with your ingenuity. Due to their built-in capabilities, these applications are quite simple to use and don’t require you to be an expert editor to utilize them.

In response to the suspension of some well-known short video applications like TikTok, Likee, Vigo Video, etc., numerous Indian apps have been released to compete with Chinese apps. Instagram has also introduced its own short video segment called Reels. Following the prohibition on TikTok in India, YouTube also offered a comparable feature called YouTube Shorts, and numerous additional apps were released. Consequently, if you want the best short apps then here is the list.

10+ Best Short Video Apps In India Details

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10+ Best Short Video Apps In India Click Here
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List Of Indian Short Video Apps Overview

S.NO. List of Best short video Apps
1. Instagram – Reels
2. MOJ
3. MX taka tak
4. YouTube shorts
5. Roposo
6. Snap chat
7. Zili
8. Share chat
9. Josh Short Video app
10. Facebook – Shorts

List Of Short Video Apps Details

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Model List Of Short Video
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Instagram Reels

When the Indian government startled the Tik Tok influencers, they began looking for another outlet to promote their brief video material in a similar manner. Instagram reels, a new feature, was introduced at that time. They were given a solid platform that connected them to a big global audience. Additionally, you can upload the reels and win over millions of users. Additionally, it is simple to remix videos that have previously been posted to Instagram. Instagram has an excessive amount of stickers, editing tools, and filters that may make your photos and videos stand out more than anywhere else. On Instagram, one may also go live and engage with their followers.

Instagram – Reels

Instagram is undoubtedly the top short video app in India, but as we mentioned above, the only reason it was ranked so low was to give Indian apps priority. The sheer volume of reels posted on this platform every day is staggering, which is why we refer to it as the best platform for short videos. You can produce entertaining films on Instagram Reels and share them with your friends or other users of the platform. 60-second multi-clip films with audio, effects, and new artistic tools are now possible to capture and edit.


Users post their greatest concepts as films in a variety of categories, including travel, singing, acting, comedy, dancing, cooking, decorating, and education. There are 16 languages for it. Due of the desi stickers and AI editing capabilities that users may use when submitting their videos, the MOJ app is very popular among teenagers. Another short video app developed in India is called Moj. Share Chat is the company behind the app.


The app is frequently seen as the hottest new platform for people to display their blazing skill to the globe. To make your selfie especially spectacular, Moj offers a wide variety of special effects, tens of thousands of stickers, and enchanted emoticons. Similar to VOOHOO, Moj provides a range of material on its platform, however the app does not include a Live option. Moj focuses more on its hashtag challenges and highlights the videos and producers who take part in them over time. On Moj, you can also make duet videos.

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MX Taka Tak

The best editing capabilities for adjusting timing, combining films, and adding creativity are among this app’s distinguishing characteristics. Start sharing your short movies on numerous social media networks by downloading the MX Taka Tak app. This is one of the greatest short video apps where you may target the proper demographic, thus you will gain a lot of followers on it quickly.

MX Taka Tak

After Chinese apps like TikTok were banned, MX TakaTak, which was until recently owned by MX Media & Entertainment in India, swiftly gained notoriety. In a recent move, Share Chat, the owner of Moj, purchased the platform for 700 million (more than 5.3 thousand crores).

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

Start uploading your videos to YouTube if you want to make money as a video artist. Creators who want to submit videos between 15 and 60 seconds now frequently use YouTube shorts. When you post the videos, you can decide who the target audience is. In this approach, users of YouTube don’t have to work hard to gain subscribers. Start creating your YouTube video shorts now to reach a global audience by providing your subscribers with original content related to your subject.

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Roposo had a good beginning as a social network for fashion. However, users now use its latest version to publish short movies and make money. You should download it since it will allow you to effortlessly submit your videos, make money, and transfer it. If you’re wondering about its editing features, we can assure you that it has fantastic ones similar to Tik Tok. For video editing, you can make use of stage light, contour light, daylight, studio light, and mono light. Additionally, you may add stickers and filtered effects to your movies to give them a more artistic feel.


Roposo is perhaps the best option if you’re looking for an Indian social networking programmer that provides more than simply a place to publish short videos. You can use this site not only to upload short videos, but also to go live. You can also use it as a shopping app to see and buy the newest trends LIVE from your favorite celebrities and influencers.

What Roposo offers with their Live Shopping?

  • Get trusted and quality products at great offers & deals
  • Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery available
  • Free return and instant refund, no questions asked
  • Track, exchange and return your order easily
  • Easy payment options like UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, PhonePe, Paytm and others

Snap chat

Snap chat

Use Snap chat lenses to add 3D effects to your short films. You will most definitely receive the greatest number of original ideas to incorporate into your short video clip on the Snap chat App. On the Snap chat app, you can effectively add friends and share your shorts. You can quickly share video footage with a public audience using Snap chat’s unique Spotlight function. Utilize the Bitmoji tool to create your own avatar and let the world know who you are. As a result, you may quickly share a 60-second long snap to your friends. Gain more fans on Snap chat’s popular video platform.

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You will receive the best editing tools, such as super zooms and boomerangs, to showcase your original ideas to a global audience. Additionally, you can share the prepared short videos on your WhatsApp status. On the Zili app, you may access videos in a variety of genres and choose your chosen language. On the Zili app, gain real acknowledgment for your ideas and quickly reach a short audience.


With more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, Zili is one of the finest short video apps in India. Zili has a tone of trendy videos that will keep you engaged for hours, including humorous sketches, clips from your favorite movies, local talent, fantastic dancing routines, and new music. When you use Zili, you have access to a wide range of editing tools and features, like puzzle movies, boomerangs, and super zooms, all of which can be used to produce engaging online content.

Share Chat

Share Chat

Share Chat differs from other short video apps in that you may send private messages and tag others. You can share your short videos with others who share your interests by using the tagging tool. This portal is available in 14 regional Indian languages. The users can interact with video material through the personal chat feature “Shake-N-Chat.

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Josh Short Video App

You may also incorporate it into your videos by using the supplied music playlist. The fact that famous influencers utilise this app to promote their brands is its best feature. You may make a short film about Josh and invite your followers to record duets with it. To make a video stand out, use a few filters and stickers.

Facebook Shorts

App is another another short video app from India that aims to promote talent to the entire world. Josh offers a variety of material types, including as daily challenges, funny trends, Masti, lip-syncing, and DIY. As a result, the creators of video content use it as a replacement for Instagram reels to submit their short videos. Additionally, you can take part in the daily challenges and earn fantastic prizes. As a result, this platform is drawing more interest from users than any other software.

Facebook Shorts

If you’re considering uploading the shorts on Facebook using your account, you should definitely do so. On the Facebook app, creating video content is fairly simple for beginners. Your fans will leave you likes and comments, much like on the Tik Tok app. As is well known, one of the biggest social media platforms with a sizable global community is the Facebook app. You can access millions of its users by uploading original and innovative video material. Start making fantastic videos on the Facebook app now to become one of the finest influencers.


In this article, we have compiled a list of 10+ best short video apps in India that you must try in 2022. These apps offer a wide range of features, from live streaming to video sharing. We hope that you find this list useful and that you enjoy using these apps!


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